Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil refers to the product that has a very low level of acidity, which corresponds to a very high quality.
All types of extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil are made from the first pressing of the olives, which removes about 90 percent of the olives’ juice.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, Italy and Greece (Largest producers of olive oil).

As the largest olive oil producer in the world, Spain certainly has no shortage of Olive Oils.
Italian olive oils are among the most widely known and for good reason too. Italians consume the most olive oil as a nation and are the second largest producer.
Greece is the third largest producer of olive oil in the world and world’s largest producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oils from France

While France is not one of the largest producers of olive oil, it is definitely one of the most popular growing regions, and consistently produces some of the world’s extra virgin olive oil.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Turkey

The Turkish Olive Oil are all harvest, pressed, packaged and labeled at their place of origin, by the producers themselves. From oils that are delicate and grassy to full flavored and unfiltered, the Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil selection will impress every palate.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from other regionsPortugal, Chile, California, Lebanon

Olive cultivation and olive oil production have been a long-standing tradition and practice in many parts of the “Old World” Mediterranean countries. However, premium quality olive oils are also produced in some lesser-known or “New World”.


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