Peru Olive Oil

Peru Olive Oil

Peru Olive Oil

Peru Olive Oil

Peru Olive Oil industry is small:

  • 9,500 hectareas of olives groves, 7500 producers olive oil, Tacna region (southern Peru).

Peru Olive oil has high quality, Peruvian producers are working to obtained better quality, taste and aroma.
Peruvian producers are working to reduce the degree of free fatty acidity in the olive oil. That is possible because Peruan Olive Oil increased demand from Canada, Japan and Colombia.
Peru export olive oil to different other countries: Brasil, Peru, Venezuela and the USA.

Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award give to Peru olive oil (2011):

  • MONTEFIORI:GOLD MEDAL Robust, Coratina, Tacna 2011
  • MONTEFIORI: GOLD MEDAL Medium, Frantoio, Tacna 2011
  • MONTEFIORI:GOLD MEDAL Medium, Criolia, Tacna 2011

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