Olive Oil Calories

Olive Oil Calories

Olive Oil Calories

Olive Oil Calories

Olive oil is the best olive by far. People throughout the Mediterranean region are lucky to have it as a main ingredient in their meals. It is suitable both for children and adults. Read aslo about Mediterranean Diet.

It is healthy, has an exquisite taste and is versatile for cooking. Find more information Olive Oil Recipes and Olive Oil Health.

Olive oil has everything a healthy diet requires, confirmed by several nutritional studies. Olive Oil Calories: energy value is 899 calories per 100gr.

Read also about Olive Oil Diet and Cholesterol.

The oils produced for human consumption, olive oil provides the highest amount of vitamin E. It protects us from cellular ageing and stimulates the immune system. It also has a high content of vitamins A, D and K.

It is worth mentioning that olive oil, as every other vegetal oil, does not contain any saturated fat or cholesterol. With regard to the amount of olive oil calories, there is almost no difference between them, so do not get confused when it is labeled as “light” oils, as this relates to its taste (“light” or “soft”) and not to its caloric intake.



Sample quantity Calories
Cod fish oil


10 gr 90
Coconut oil


10 gr 135
Wheat germ oil


10 gr 89
Sunflower oil


10 gr 90
Cod-liver oil


10 gr 130
Olive oil


10 gr 90
Corn oil


10 gr 90
Oil seeds


10 gr 76
Olives 100 gr 135


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