Lampante Olive Oil

Lampante Olive Oil

Lampante Olive Oil

Lampante Olive Oil

Another type of oil is the lampante olive oil. It is defective and cannot be consumed directly.

  • Its name comes from its use as fuel for lamps and candles in the past.
  • Today it is refined to obtain the refined olive oil, which even though is not marketable as such by its lack of flavour and colour, becomes marketable when mixed with virgin or extra virgin oil.
  • This type of oil is used by some companies to organize genuine price wars, since the cost is low and the consumer does not have enough information to identify it.

As they say in Spain, “nadie da duros a cuatro pesetas”.

  • They come from low-quality olives, the olives from the ground and so on.

It can be marketed after a thermal, physical and chemical refinery and subsequent mixing with virgin oil, so the oil resulting from these processes is not considered a real olive juice.

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