Essential Olive Oil

Essential Olive Oil

Essential Olive Oil

Essential Olive Oil

Vegetable oils are extracted from the fruits or seeds of oleaginous plants.

This type of oil is used as base in the preparation of many types of edible oils, cosmetics and also massages oils.

Natural oils used in cosmetics have dermatological properties and are highly moisturizing penetrating deeply into our skin making it smooth, elastic and nourished.

Olive Oil Benefit:

  1. Hydrate the skin.
  2. Are compatible with essential oils.
  3. Do not irritate.
  4. Due to its richness in vitamins they help maintain a healthy skin.
  5. Are highly nutritious.
  6. Reinforce the skin’s defense system.
  7. Penetrate easily into the skin.
  8. Can be used for giving massage, alone or as a base for essential oils.

Vegetable oils used in cosmetics. Vegetable oils are increasingly used in the manufacture of cosmetic preparations and massage oils. Read also Olive Oil Beauty Products.

The best way to extract vegetable oils and preserve intact its properties and its components is by cold pressing (no more than 27 º C).

Types of vegetable oils used in cosmetics.

  1. Olive oil: It has a great absorption capacity and permeability.  It is very effective treating problems such as flaky skin, circulatory problems, rheumatism and other muscular problems. It promotes skin elasticity.
  2. Oil Shea Butter: It blends beautifully with essential oils and favors their penetration in the skin. It is an ideal product for therapeutic massage, soothing formulations, treatment of joint pain and many other uses. It provides comfort and protection to the skin.
  3. Jojoba oil: very rich skin moisturizer helps prevent wrinkles, providing smoothness and youthfulness. It acts as a natural and effective cosmetic treatment for oily skin. It protects from solar radiation.
  4. Almond oil: used as basic oil in natural cosmetics, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Used for normal to dry skin.
  5. Rosehip oil:  has exceptional regenerative properties and can be used in multiple treatments. It is also ideal also for dry and very sensitive skins.
  6. Coconut Oil: good protective oil helps maintain skin moisture. It is ideal for sensitive and irritated skin. It is also an excellent cleaner.
  7. Sesame oil: it is a natural tanning stimulator and very suitable in the treatment against skin sagging.
  8. Wheat germ oil: rich in tocopherols, thus it has antioxidant properties. It is excellent as a preservative for creams and soaps and also used in ant wrinkle treatments.
  9. Avocado Oil: its composition is similar to the natural skin oils. It is very moisturizing and widely used in cosmetics.
  10. Evening primrose oil: it is very moisturizing and an activator of female hormones.
  11. Argan Oil: rich in essential oils and vitamin E, therefore, an excellent antioxidant.

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