Canada Olive Oil

Canada Olive Oil

Canada Olive Oil

Canada Olive Oil

Established in 1989, the North American Olive Oil Association is a trade association of marketers, importers and packagers of olive oil in Canada and the United States.

Canada olive oil  and USA Olive Oil consititute the largest consuming market, outside the producing countries, but only import 8%.

Types of olive oil sold in Canada:

  • extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, olive oil, light olive oil and pomace olive oil.

North America Olive Oil Association has a good seal program to Canada Membership.
For more information you can consult Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ( AAFFC) there are a lot of good information about technology and research, innovation growth etc.

Some objectives from the North American olive oil Association are:

to represent the industry before government agencies and trade associations in Canada and abroad.

● to use the proper nomenclature for the different grades and types of olive oil as set out in the international standard for olive oil, taking due note of the particular needs of the U.S. and Canadian marketplace.

● to periodically sample olive oil sold in the U.S. and Canada and to submit it to an accredited laboratory for analysis to verify that it is properly labeled.


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