Olive Oil Regulations

Olive Oil Regulations

Olive Oil Regulations

Olive oil is a basic part of the Mediterranean diet because it has excellent properties for your health, but it’s also good for your skin and hair. The benefits of olive oil include its ability to control cholesterol, thanks to its oleic acid content. It also has antioxidant substances that help prevent ageing, which makes using olive oil highly recommendable.

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  • Olive Oil Stored

    Olive Oil Stored

    The obtained olive oil is stored in warehouses or stores until it enters the market. Virgin olive oil should be stored in stainless steel tanks or vitrified vats, in a dark and quiet place with thermal walls and ceilings and at constant mild temperature. This preserve unchanged its exceptional...

  • Olive Oil Milling

    Olive Oil Milling

    About Olive Oil Milling: Olive oil´s classification depends on its extraction process. To understand this processes read about “Olive Milling” in the first column of our site. Read also to jnow about Olive Oil Regulations and Olive Oil...

  • Olive Oil Regulations

    Olive Oil Regulations

    Olive Oil Regulations: El Reglamento 136/66/CE del Consejo, de 22 de septiembre. Read also about Olive Oil Certifications and Olive Oil Milling and Olive Oil...

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