Olive Oil Beauty Products

Olive Oil Beauty Products

Olive Oil Beauty Products

With olive oil at home, we will avoid the need for a lot of creams, as it is a natural cosmetic with a multitude of uses and applications.
Crow’s feet. Heat three tablespoons of olive oil, one of beeswax and half of cocoa butter. Cool and add two tablespoons of rosewater. Stir until it turns into a thick paste and apply directly on the crow’s feet.
Moisturising body lubricant. Apply olive oil directly on the skin.
Cream for dry skin. Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with two tablespoons of liquefied lanolin in a double boiler

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  • Olive Oil Lotion

    Olive Oil Lotion

    Learn more about Olive Oil Lotion and Olive Oil Beauty products: Olive oil in its normal state is a lotion and can be rubbed on our bodies taking advantage of the properties described above. We can prepare different lotions mixing olive oils with other elements. Nuts and olive oil...

  • Olive Oil for Bath

    Olive Oil for Bath

    Olive Oil for Bath good for your health. Read also Olive Oil Benefit. When we think of water we can almost feel its coolness. Since ancient times, water has been used in rituals for health, beauty and well being. The main water feature is to prevent dehydration, and consequently the...

  • Essential Olive Oil

    Essential Olive Oil

    Vegetable oils are extracted from the fruits or seeds of oleaginous plants. This type of oil is used as base in the preparation of many types of edible oils, cosmetics and also massages oils. Natural oils used in cosmetics have dermatological properties and are highly moisturizing...

  • Olive Oil Bar Soap

    Olive Oil Bar Soap

    The olive oil bar soap is obtained from the mixture of water, lye, olive oil and aromatic elements. How is made olive oil bar soap: Oils are heated on a double boiler over simmering water until they reach 50º. The lye mixed with the water is heated until they reach 60. At this time...

  • Soap Olive Oil

    Soap Olive Oil

    Soap Olive Oil: Throughout history olive oil has been known for its moisturising, regenerating and softening properties. It was used as a medicinal ointment since the first century. It has antioxidant properties that help prevent signs of skin ageing. A very large number of products that can be...

  • Olive Oil for Hair

    Olive Oil for Hair

    Olive Oil for Hair Olive oil is very popular these days due to its numerous nutritional benefits, however, several studies have shown it also has great regenerative properties which can be of great aid to our hair care. The use of olive oil provides really interesting results. Read also Olive Oil...

  • Olive Oil for Skin

    Olive Oil for Skin

    Olive Oil for Skin: Olive Oil keeps the skin elastic and smooth. Consuming raw olive oil in salad dressings helps to clarify and soften our skin, giving it an attractive and natural shine. Read also Olive Oil Benefit and Olive Oil Healthcare. It is through our skin that we receive external...

  • Olive Oil for Body

    Olive Oil for Body

    Olive Oil for Body: For thousands of years, olive oil has been used to anoint the body before giving a massage as it facilitates the relaxation of muscles and nerves. It also strengthens nails and cuticles. Simply rub a few drops into the cuticle area and around the nail. Cuticles will stay plump...

  • Cream Olive Oil

    Cream Olive Oil

    Thanks to olive oil properties and modern technology we now have many different olive oil creams for all types of skin. Creams made with olive oil: soften nourish moisturise the skin protecting it from free radicals harmful effects it keeps the skin more elastic, soft and...

  • Olive Oil Healthcare

    Olive Oil Healthcare

    Most of us know, or at least we can imagine how good olive oil is for health and beauty, Olive Oil Cosmetic. Even though it was widely used in ancient times by Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs to prepare meals, perfumes, moisturisers and to protect athletes’ skin, nowadays it has become much...

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